Movies and Childhood Heroes

12 Mar

Great poster series created by Portuguese designer Patrícia Póvoa.

Movie Posters

‘Childhood Heroes’ minimal geometric poster series


Lotta Nieminen

12 Mar

A sophisticated and delicated identity design for Maeven a Brooklyn-based online shop created by Lotta Nieminen an illustrator, graphic designer and art director from Helsinki, Finland. Among all her recognitions, in 2012 she received the  Junior Award at the Best of the Year advertising and design competition in Finland.

Alex Fowkes, ‘The Sony Music Timeline’

12 Mar

The Sony Music Timeline is an awesome project of designer Alex Fowkes which celebrates 125 years of musical history. An incredible collection of types, graphics and illustrations covering almost 150 square meters of wall space in Sony’s Derry Street headquarters. See the rest here.

A world of lines

8 Mar

We love the charismatic work of Marta R. Chicote Zorita, an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Madrid, Spain. As she explains about her work, “I have a very strong and important influence of the world of comics into my style, but that doesn’t stop me from trying different things. Without realizing it, all I do have a very friendly and optimistic touch, with rounded lines and undulations. I’m still very attached to the work on paper, and I mix everything, different techniques, media, materials… I like to discover new ways to create new things. Well, what I enjoy most is to draw and, sometimes, I see the world made of hand drawn lines”. Here we show you a selection of her great work (and world).

Wedding Invitation

Illustration, editorial


You need a Motivational Monday

8 Mar

Yep. Today is finally Friday but, inevitably, Monday will come back again. To face it with a big smile now you have the Motivational Monday, a great hand drawn quotes series created by Eliza Cerdeiros to make that day easier. Hand drawing is something she recently fell in love with two years ago when she needed a break from the computer. As she says “It’s definitely a great feeling when I am creating beautiful things with my hands!”. We definitely like good feelings!

You can buy prints here:

Women’s Day

8 Mar

Maeve Doyle

Packaging design by ‘Lo Siento’ Studio

5 Mar

Awesome packaging projects designed by ‘Lo Siento’, a studio based in Barcelona, Spain.

Moisés Broggy Documentary

Packaging label design for the “Ensaimadas” -spiral-shaped pastry typical of Mallorca, Spain-.


‘Join us in the Woods’ wedding invitation

5 Mar

What a wonderful work of Ian Collins (and wife)! A wedding invitation with an exceptional packaging. See more on his Behance gallery.